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Letter: Equating homosexual, heterosexual marriages is nonsensical

Rockford Register Star - ‎Apr 29, 2016‎
Re: "My View: 'Religious freedom' or intolerance?" by Kim MacCloskey. The odd decision by the "politically correct," who basically put heterophobic homosexuals on the same level as normal heterosexuals, clearly flies in the face of reason. People have ...

OPINION: Not kids who have problem with Elsa being a lesbian

Fraser Coast Chronicle - ‎May 3, 2016‎
The idea that it's harder to explain to a child the dynamics of a homosexual relationship than a heterosexual relationship.

Call to study gay issues at preschool

The Australian - ‎Apr 29, 2016‎
The paper, titled “And the princesses married and lived happily ever after: challenging compulsory heterosexuality in the early childhood classroom”, was published as part of a broader occasional paper released by the university in December.

Old Fritz

The Weekly Standard (blog) - ‎12 hours ago‎
While cautioning that the boundaries between homosexuality and heterosexuality were "more fluid" in Frederick's era than in more recent times, Blanning maintains that his father's death freed him to transform his court into a "homosocial, homoerotic ...
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Prom Season for LGBT Students: Know Your Rights - ‎May 5, 2016‎
Bartow suggests that two girls or two boys running for the king and queen position might amount to sex discrimination against opposite gender students.

Beyoncé's “Formation” and the Boutique Activism of the Left

CounterPunch - ‎May 5, 2016‎
Ultimately, “Formation” extends much of Beyoncé's work in celebrating black identity, black femininity, and black culture in ways that help to challenge and complicate an American society which still centralizes heterosexuality and whiteness while ...

Your Sexual Truth

Huffington Post - ‎May 2, 2016‎
It is important in opening to your sexual truth to understand that sexuality is on a continuum between heterosexual and homosexual, and anywhere you are on that continuum is what is right for you.

Celebrate May The Fourth with Oscar Isaac's Bill Murray impression

A.V. Club - ‎May 4, 2016‎
It's the May The Fourth, a day dedicated to a franchise that already earns billions of dollars every year in merchandising, theme parks, and other assorted revenues.
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We Can Be Heroes: Making a Case for Queer Superheroes in Hollywood

ScreenCrush - ‎May 4, 2016‎
From Superman rescuing Lois Lane to an upside-down Spider-Man kissing Mary Jane, American comic book movies have conditioned audiences into connecting superheroes with stereotypical gender roles, heterosexuality, and white dominance. Marvel and ...

Depiction of struggle of Indonesia's gays in 'Sergius Mencari Bacchus'

Jakarta Post - ‎May 4, 2016‎
This first poem depicts how Indonesian homosexuals who are forced to get married heterosexually struggle with their own happiness.

Hard Times in the Land of Plenty

Indian Country Today Media Network - ‎May 5, 2016‎
Patriarchal structures rely on positioning heterosexuality as desirable, women as lesser then men, and anyone who is not a straight male as without value.

The Reporting on Prince's Death Reveals That We Have No Idea What “Addiction” Really Means

Slate Magazine - ‎May 4, 2016‎
In his book Gay New York, historian George Chauncey showed that, as homosexuality and heterosexuality became clearly delineated in the public mind in the early 1900s, something analogous to the cis situation happened with men who did not identify as ...
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Disney Fans Start Campaign to Give Elsa a Girlfriend in 'Frozen 2'

Us Weekly - ‎May 4, 2016‎
Nevermind I have heterosexuality pushed on me, but hey... that's cool, right? They may make up 7% of the population, but they make up the majority of people bullied or who have committed suicide.

Was gang-raped girl was 'just fair game' for boys?: The Jakarta Post columnist

The Straits Times - ‎May 4, 2016‎
Similar to the case in Bengkulu, the sociologist CJ Pascoe showed in her field research in an American high school that to assure their masculinity and heterosexuality, boys show dominance over girls bodies by “rituals of getting girls” ( or having a ...

In conversation: Kathryn Lofton on the 2016 elections from a humanist's point of view

Yale News - ‎May 3, 2016‎
They both have been able to deploy well different yet overlapping fraternities of heterosexuality and racial privilege. But their present genius is that they have each framed themselves as the most outside of outsiders despite all these benefits of ...
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California School District Caves, Allows Lesbian to Run for Prom King

Towleroad - ‎May 3, 2016‎
“This was a decision made to promote gender equality, not heterosexuality,” Bartow said. “Having two prom queens would be unfair to the boys.

How Older Brothers Influence Homosexuality

The Atlantic - ‎Apr 27, 2016‎
The “why” question is important because “there is a strong correlation between beliefs about the origins of sexual orientation and tolerance of non-heterosexuality,” according to the report authors, who hail from seven universities spanning the globe.

Waging a war against diversity in Alberta schools

Troy Media - ‎19 hours ago‎
And it wants those children to believe that anything other than a traditional heterosexual existence is unnatural and unacceptable.

Can This Monastery-Inspired Vacation Home Really Promote Calm and Reflection?

Slate Magazine (blog) - ‎May 3, 2016‎
In his book Gay New York, historian George Chauncey showed that, as homosexuality and heterosexuality became clearly delineated in the public mind in the early 1900s, something analogous to the cis situation happened with men who did not identify as ...
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The Environmental And Biological Factors That Contribute To Sexual Orientation And Behavior

Medical Daily - ‎Apr 26, 2016‎
In a way, all of the controversy surrounding legislation concerning LGBT rights hinges on different perceptions of what causes non-heterosexual orientations, how prevalent they are, and what kind of consequences they have - all questions scientists ...