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Mister X

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Lazio: slitta Prandelli, spunta mister X

Calcio News 24 - ‎20 hours ago‎
Psicodramma Lazio: slitta ancora l'annuncio di Cesare Prandelli, che sarebbe dovuto arrivare ieri, come nuovo allenatore. A quanto pare non ci sarebbero novità sul fronte della panchina, ma non si sa bene per quale motivo Claudio Lotito ha deciso ...
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Remains of the Day: You Can Now Complain to Airbnb About Your Neighbors

Lifehacker - ‎6 hours ago‎
Airbnb can be great for both travelers and hosts with extra space to spare, but what if your neighbors are constantly renting out their place to rowdy partiers?

Rispunta l'ex dt Masiero E domani arriva mister X

Gazzetta di Mantova - ‎May 29, 2016‎
MANTOVA. Non ci sono solo i rappresentanti del gruppo cinese a proporsi per l'acquisizione di una parte della società. Ieri la tribuna centrale era talmente zeppa di aspiranti, più o meno graditi, da costringerci a fare il punto come fossimo a ...
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Why Cyclops Should Lead The X-Men Franchise Moving Forward

Cinema Blend - ‎May 30, 2016‎
Fighting alongside Angel, Beast, Iceman and Jean Grey, Cyclops helped establish the mutant version of The Avengers, and blazed a trail that would lead to the nine X-Men movies that we've enjoyed to this point. But Cyclops has never been able to break ...
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Proof That Hugh Jackman Is Old Man Logan in Wolverine 3?

MovieWeb - ‎4 hours ago‎
The post credit scene in X-Men: Apocalypse features a comic book character dubbed Mister Sinister, who is seen stealing a vial with Wolverine's blood, which some speculate may be used to create X-23 in Wolverine 3. While we wait for more details on ...
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Società svizzere, petrolieri e “mister X”: ecco chi ha finanziato i politici alle Regionali

Il Secolo XIX - ‎May 24, 2016‎
Genova - Il commercialista Fabio Nani, nome piuttosto noto negli ambienti tributari di Lugano, un mese fa ha deciso che la Synarka Advisor Sa, società svizzera specializzata in consulenza fiscale, andava messa in liquidazione. E però la stessa Synarka ...
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Atalanta, una poltrona per quattro Ma non è da escludere un mister X

L'Eco di Bergamo (Registrazione) - ‎May 23, 2016‎
Nomi vecchi e nuovi, candidature scontate o a sorpresa: la panchina dell'Atalanta, oggi, è ancora un rebus, ma ci sono quattro allenatori che sembrano in vantaggio su una concorrenza potenzialmente smisurata. Gasperini, Maran, Prandelli, oppure ancora ...

'X-Men: Apocalypse' Post-Credits Scene Explained: What Is Essex Corp?

TheWrap - ‎May 28, 2016‎
Mr. Sinister was introduced by Marvel in the 1980s to provide the X-Men with a villain other than the usual suspects like Magneto and The Brotherhood.
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X-Men: Phoenix is the Franchise's Salvation

Den of Geek! - ‎May 30, 2016‎
For in that final, final scene, the Essex Corporation is clearly namedropped, and that can mean only one thing—Mister Sinister, a villain whose name is far cooler when printed than said aloud.

Il basket a Napoli aspetta un mister X che lo salvi

ilnapolista - ‎May 18, 2016‎
Felicità e malinconia si fondono in un fine settimana che racchiude in sé tutti i colori dello sport per noi appassionati di calcio e basket. I play off di Serie b vanno avanti senza di noi (estromessi dal campionato), e non ci resta che guardare la tv ...
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'X-Men: Apocalypse': The Secret Behind the Post-Credit Scene

Hollywood Reporter - ‎May 27, 2016‎
... and the X-Men series written by former Daily Show writer Elliot Kalan, that might point towards the future of the X-franchise for Fox. Does this mean that the next X-Men movie will feature the team mobilizing against Mister Sinister? Possibly ...

Apocalypse, Darkseid, and Thanos: A Guide to Big Blue Superhero Movie Villains

Den of Geek! - ‎May 30, 2016‎
... always be a superhero movie in theaters. That means all these movie franchises are breaking out the biggest guns and the baddest dudes in every superhero universe for the most brutal comic book threats: for the Avengers, it's Thanos; for the ...
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Vis Pesaro, Mister X è David Sassarini. Tutte le strade portano all'ex Spal, Venezia e Albinoleffe - ‎May 25, 2016‎
PESARO – Ancora poche ore e sarà svelato Mister X, inteso come il nuovo allenatore della Vis. Dalla società non trapela alcunché, ma tutte le strade portano a un tecnico giovane ma con esperienze già importanti, che risponde al nome di David Sassarini.

Klettern, planschen und die Jagd nach Mister X

Sindelfinger Zeitung / Böblinger Zeitung (Pressemitteilung) - ‎May 22, 2016‎
Wer eher etwas fürs Köpfchen suchte, beteiligte sich bei der Jagd nach Mister X durch die Gassen von Weil der Stadt. Die Resonanz auf das Programm war sehr groß, und viele Kinder und Jugendliche kamen an allen drei Tagen, um mit dabei zu sein, gleich ...

The 10 Best Superhero Cartoons - ‎May 28, 2016‎
Not only did fan-favorite characters like Harley Quinn make their debut on the series before appearing in comics but other characters, namely Mister Freeze, were radically altered for the cartoon with such success that it became comic book canon ...

"X-Men: Apocalypse" - A Comic Book History of Marvel's Four Horsemen

Comic Book Resources - ‎May 27, 2016‎
... Scott Summers in "Uncanny X-Men" #294 (by Scott Lobdell, Brandon Peterson and Terry Austin). They believed they were serving Apocalypse, but in reality they were following the orders of Mister Sinister, who impersonated Apocalypse to get them to ...
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Nerdist - ‎May 27, 2016‎
I've recently wrapped up a look at the first season of the X-Men animated series from the 1990s and I was impressed by how complex the storytelling still felt, how deep the characters are, and how it's still easily the best action cartoon of the era ...
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X-Men: Apocalypse post-credits scene: What does this mean for the future of the X-Men universe?

The Independent - ‎May 19, 2016‎
Here's where the expertise comes in: the name refers to one Nathaniel Essex, or Mister Sinister, one of the most formidable villains of the X-Men universe. In the comics, Essex is the one responsible for awakening Apocalypse; a geneticist, he believes ...
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An A to Z of gin-genuity - ‎May 30, 2016‎
X-2-2 X-Gin is bottled & distilled by De Moor (Aalst), one of the last strongholds of artisan gin making in Belgium.