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Supporting responsible development of nanotechnology

Nanowerk - ‎6 hours ago‎
(Nanowerk News) Nanotechnology environmental, health, and safety (nanoEHS) activities have become a hallmark of the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI). Well-coordinated nanoEHS research and development (R&D) is essential to ensuring a future ...

Nanotechnology's tiny steps toward atomic-scale 3D fabrication

Nanowerk - ‎8 hours ago‎
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Swinburne researchers mimic butterfly wing for compact new technology

Swinburne University of Technology - ‎8 hours ago‎
Nanostructures on the wings of the Callophrys Rubi or Green Hairstreak butterfly have inspired the design of an artificial material that could be used in photonics and optics technologies.
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How to build a better battery through nanotechnology

Science Magazine - ‎May 26, 2016‎
Unlike others who focus on tweaking the chemical composition of a battery's electrodes or its charge-conducting electrolyte, Cui is marrying battery chemistry with nanotechnology. He is building intricately structured battery electrodes that can soak ...

Advancing nanotechnology creates product stewardship challenges

Chemical Watch (subscription) - ‎1 hour ago‎
The unique properties of nanomaterials that have enabled their application for various uses in consumer products can also pose unknown safety risks, which bring product stewardship challenges.

How nanotechnology can help us grow more food using less energy and water

The Conversation US - ‎May 25, 2016‎
Nanotechnology - designing ultrasmall particles - is now emerging as a promising way to promote plant growth and development.

US interagency collaboration advances nanotechnology product stewardship

Chemical Watch (subscription) - ‎May 27, 2016‎
Three reports released recently by the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) highlight the US government' investments and initiatives in nanotechnology. They also detail current progress and the need for further understanding of exposure to ...

How Nanotechnology Poised to Change Medicine Forever — and What's Holding it Back

Big Think (blog) - ‎May 25, 2016‎
Nanotechnology is the ability to control and manipulate matter on the atomic or molecular level. This new branch of technology is already being used, albeit passively, in sunscreens and cosmetics.

Powering nanotechnology with the world's smallest engine

The Conversation UK - ‎May 24, 2016‎
In the minuscule world of nanotechnology, big steps are rare. But a recent development has the potential to massively improve our lives: an engine measuring 200 billionths of a metre, which could power tiny robots to fight diseases in living cells ...

Markus Buehler awarded Foresight Institute Feynman Prize for advances in nanotechnology

MIT News - ‎May 24, 2016‎
On May 21, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering head and McAfee Professor of Engineering Markus J. Buehler received the 2015 Foresight Institute Feynman Prize in Theoretical Molecular Nanotechnology. Buehler's award was one of three ...

How nanotechnology could detect and treat cancer

Phys.Org - ‎May 18, 2016‎
"Nanotechnology offers an exquisite sensitivity and precision that is difficult to match with any other technology," said Sam Gambhir, MD, PhD, professor and chair of radiology at the School of Medicine.

VentureLab nanotechnology startup wins TechConnect Innovation Award

Georgia Tech News Center - ‎May 26, 2016‎
NanoMet's technology was developed at Georgia Tech by Chin-Hui Lee, co-founder and a professor in Georgia Tech's School of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Automating DNA origami opens door to many new uses: Like 3-D printing did for larger objects, method makes it easy ...

Nanotechnology News (press release) - ‎May 30, 2016‎
This has limited the technique, known as DNA origami, to just a small group of experts in the field. Now a team of researchers at MIT and elsewhere has developed an algorithm that can build these DNA nanoparticles automatically.

A nanotechnology approach to scavenging wind and solar energy in cities

Nanowerk - ‎May 23, 2016‎
Self-powered nanotechnology based on these nanogenerators aims at powering nanodevices and nanosystems using the energy harvested from the environment in which these systems are suppose to operate.

What does nanotechnology hold for future of artificial intelligence?

Genetic Literacy Project - ‎May 18, 2016‎
Touching on specific issues such as for example how complexity relates to the catalytic prowess of multi-metal compounds, I discuss the increasingly urgent issues in nanotechnology also very generally and guided by the motto 'Bio is Nature's Nanotech'.

Nanotechnology will power your car battery - ‎May 18, 2016‎
Nanotechnology can increase the size and surface of battery electrodes, the rods inside the batteries that absorb the energy.

Iran Eyes Nanotechnology as Means to Ditch Resource-Based Economy

Sputnik International - ‎May 18, 2016‎
Professor Ali Beitollahi of the Iran University of Science and Technology and high-ranking member of the Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council, told Sputnik that these achievements were made possible by strict adherence to the 10-Year Plan of ...

Nanotechnology Can Be A Powerful Treatment For Brain Tumors, Study Says

Science World Report - ‎May 25, 2016‎
John Winskas, a student in the nanotechnology research and education center at the University of South Florida, looks through a microscope on July 13, 2012 in Tampa, Florida.

How Nanotechnology Will Be Used in Smartphones

Nanotechnology News - ‎May 20, 2016‎
The specs and tech of smartphones is in a constant state of advancement. Faster phones get thinner, cameras have more megapixels and screens have better resolution as they become more durable with the invention of OLED screens, which are flexible and ...

The invisible disruption of nano-scale

The Straits Times - ‎May 27, 2016‎
The research team from the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology that developed the green tea nanocomplexes for targeted cancer drug delivery - (from left) Dr Nunnarpas Yongvongsoontorn, Dr Joo Eun Chung, Dr Shujun Gao, Prof Jackie Ying, ...