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ANIMATION: How this one-armed Australian robot builds a house faster than brickies

Business Insider Australia - ‎3 hours ago‎
The latest version of the Australian bricklaying robot will be able to put up a house in two days, according to the CEO of Fastbrick Robotics, Mike Pivac.
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CX330: Galaxy's loneliest baby star discovered wandering far from stellar nurseries

The Sydney Morning Herald - ‎4 hours ago‎
It's younger than humanity; a baby star barely a million years old wandering far from any stellar nursery. CX330, about 25,000 light years from Earth in the Milky Way's galactic bulge, has been described as the galaxy's loneliest star.
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These 3 Australian universities are in the top 100 in the world for research

Business Insider Australia - ‎6 hours ago‎
Bolt out of the blue, Peter Enright, Coolum Beach, Queensland. highly commended submission of the 2014 Australian Museum New Scientist Eureka Prize for Science Photography.
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Whale calves put on show as watchers wait for Migaloo

The Sunshine Coast Daily - ‎1 hour ago‎
WHEN the news broke that Migaloo was heading past Moreton Island on Wednesday it seemed certain he was headed for the Sunshine Coast, but it appears the rare white whale has given watchers the slip.

Aurora lights captured in International Space Station timelapse

ABC Online - ‎2 hours ago‎
One of the most stunning natural phenomena has been captured from above by a NASA astronaut. Jeff Williams tweeted a timelapse video of the glowing aurora display as he passed over Earth while onboard the International Space Station (ISS).
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Research reveals male frogs with smaller testicles mate on land to avoid competition

International Business Times AU - ‎3 hours ago‎
A Rhinella marina toad is pictured at a terrarium in Caracas November 30, 2015. Reuters/Carlos Garcia Rawlins. Frogs are remarkably diverse when it comes to sex and reproduction.
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Something Is Erasing The Craters On Ceres

Gizmodo Australia - ‎2 hours ago‎
Ceres, the tiny asteroid belt world we've come to know and love through NASA's Dawn mission, seems to delight in mysteries, from flickering bright spots to unexpected ocean minerals.
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Is the Great Red Spot the source of Jupiter's mysterious heat?

Gizmag - ‎3 hours ago‎
Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, has never been short on mystery. But one question that has proven particularly puzzling is why the planet's upper atmosphere sizzles away at extraordinarily high temperatures when it is so far from the Sun.
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Scientists have found a weird, glowing purple blob on the ocean floor

ScienceAlert - ‎5 hours ago‎
Strange as it may seem, not absolutely everybody is hunting for rare Pokémon on their phones right now. While the rest of us are glued to Pokémon Go, working scientists are continuing their quest to find, you know, actual new lifeforms - and a team of ...
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Why do these ants look like the dragons from 'Game of Thrones'?

Christian Science Monitor - ‎11 hours ago‎
Stranger than fiction: Two new ant species have been named after the 'Game of Thrones' dragons. And their resemblance could challenge scientist's assumptions about spiny ants.
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Pattern-changing shirts react to pollution and radiation

Gizmag - ‎11 hours ago‎
Now you see the patterns, but in polluted environments, now you don't. View gallery (4 images). As air pollution becomes a bigger concern in communities around the globe, creative ways to detect it are beginning to proliferate.
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One of The Largest Ever Dinosaur Footprint Found in Bolivia

Aussie Network News - ‎3 hours ago‎
Tourist guide Grover Marquina found one of the largest dinosaur footprints ever earlier this month 64 kilometers away from the city of Sucre in central Bolivia.
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White dwarf blasts lighthouse-like beam at its red dwarf companion

Gizmag - ‎12 hours ago‎
The observations revealed AR Scorpii, seen here in an artist's impression, to be an extraordinary binary system (Credit: M. Garlick/University of Warwick/ESO) View gallery (2 images).
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Orbital telescope speed tests the Milky Way's "halo"

Gizmag - ‎21 hours ago‎
Using archival data from ESA's XMM-Newton orbital telescope, a team of astronomers from the University of Michigan has calculated the speed of the vast halo composed of incredibly hot gas that surrounds the Milky Way.
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Let's talk about science: Edwin Hubble

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - ‎4 hours ago‎
Edwin Powell Hubble (1889-1953) was a WWI veteran, lawyer, high school teacher and basketball coach. He fulfilled his childhood dream and became an astronomer at Mount Wilson Observatory in Pasadena, Calif.
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Climate change increases risk of armed conflict, war: study - ‎21 hours ago‎
YOU wouldn't think this one issue could lead to war and armed conflict. But a new report shows a surprising threat to peace. Scientists have found climate change dramatically increases the chances of war breaking out as heatwaves, drought and other ...
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There's a monster on the sun

Wauchope Gazette - ‎3 hours ago‎
Ever wondered who lives in all these apartments?? Come and meet the locals and s... Giving away a bookcase. White ikea bookcase going free to a good home.
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Cockroach milk: Protein drink of the future?

Pakistan Today - ‎35 minutes ago‎
A little cockroach milk with those cookies? Chock full of protein, the insect milk may someday be transformed into a food supplement worthy of human consumption, new research indicates.